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How to find low cost car insurance for a woman

Women can still buy very cheap car insurance. Whilst insurers cannot charge lady motorists less than male ones for their policies, just because they are female, they can still offer lower premiums for certain occupations. The more feminine the occupation, the better the bargain! Inexpensive cover can be bought by a woman in professions such as the law, accountancy, teaching, nursing, HR etc, which are jobs that employ a higher proportion of ladies. To help drive costs down even further we girls get far fewer motoring convictions than our male counterparts so, as safer drivers, we automatically qualify for the lowest premiums anyway.

Should I buy online, or from a broker?

The cheapest way of buying insurance is often via a price comparison site. However, sometimes people buy the wrong policies because they are encouraged to pick the cheapest one available, which may not be the best one for their needs and, even worse, this can lead to claim disputes, or even outright refusal of the insurer to pay up. Also, motorists with non-standard issues such as owning a powerful sports car, living in a postcode with a large number of claims, having a particularly expensive vehicle, returning to driving after a long lay off, and many more complicating factors can often find that a broker can locate a far more suitable policy, as well as being able to offer sound advice on which companies to go for and, more importantly, which ones to avoid.

How does a lady's age affects premiums?

There are differences across the age ranges, however. A price comparison survey we conducted recently indicated that girls of 17, 18, 19, or 20 are paying, proportionally, slightly more for their policies on average than before the EU ruling. This is because of the higher accident rate statistics for this age group. We found that those between the ages of 21 and 30 pay a lot less, and those in their 30s, 40s, 50s and 60s enjoyed the most low-priced premiums of all.

Insurance costs used to rise for females over sixty. The insurers felt that many women, whose husbands used to drive them about, retire from work and get back behind the wheel at this age, therefore presenting more of a risk of claims owing to their relative inexperience. What a silly sexist idea and it is now illegal for insurance companies to discriminate against femininity in this way, so mature womenfolk have actually benefitted from the EU Gender Directive with reduced prices.

Should I buy from women-only insurers?

There are still a number of insurers that claim to specialise in finding the cheapest cover for lady drivers. However, your sex is no longer a criteria that insurers consider when calculating your premium, and there are others that affect how good a deal you will be offered. The type of car you drive can raise or lower it substantially. Your postcode will have a huge effect; living in a quiet rural area can attract a rock bottom quotation whilst an inner city address, such as London, Birmingham, Leeds, Manchester, Glasgow, Liverpool etc can sometimes make it very difficult, if not impossible, to get a competitive quote at all. The lowest possible prices go to those the insurers feel are the least likely to make expensive claims, and whilst being a daughter, wife or mother will make you (statistically) a safer driver the fact that you have to park your car on the street at night or live in an area with a high level of crime or vandalism can inflate a premium considerably. This is why you need to find the most reasonable quotes by comparing prices as much as possible, using a reputable price comparison service, rather than relying on so-called specialist female motorist insurers.

Isn't a budget price the most important issue?

It has to be remembered of course that price is not the only consideration; and there have been a lot of criticisms of price comparison websites recently because it has been claimed that they encourage motorists to accept the lowest price, rather than the policy which benefits them the most. It is very important to bear in mind that every policy is different from every other one, and you may wish to look carefully at the 'small print' to make sure that a policy gives all the protection that you need, and as little as possible of the gimmicks that you may not need. Cover for a handbag and its contents may be extremely useful; but if that cover comes at a substantial price, or masks other benefits which are missing or limited, then it may not be such a bargain after all.

Is there any other way of getting a good policy, cheaply?

Have you tried actually asking for a price reduction? As a responsible woman you drive carefully and safely so you are unlikely to have an expensive accident that your insurers will have to pay for. They know this and they will want to keep your business, so why not ring them up and ask them to offer you a smaller premium? Many insurance sales people have a lot of discretion about making special offers, particularly if you tell them that you are going to do a price comparison, so you may be surprised at how much you could save by negotiating a price reduction.